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Do you have a hard time coming up with the perfect title for your new post?

Title Experiments allows you to test multiple titles for each of your pages and posts in order to find out which one works best for your audience. Why settle on one post title when you have so many great ideas? Use them all and let the plugin figure out which one is the best. It's free!

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Title Experiments Pro

Title Experiments Pro is a powerful add-on to Title Experiments that provides you with advanced features that makes your title experiments even more powerful!

This plugin adds many new features and enhancements including multiple featured images, detailed statistics, and automatic title freezing. Also, should you ever need help, this add-on gives you right to the top of the queue.

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Hi, I'm Jason

My name is Jason Funk, and I'm the creator of WP Experiments. I created these plugins so that people like you can improve the quality of their websites easily. I'm dedicated to making the testing and experimentation process for WordPress as painless as possible.

I currently live in central Iowa with my wife. We love playing games, good food, and traveling. (We even do a podcast about it.)

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